POS 221 – Final Grade B

For a second I was disappointed in myself because my grade wasn’t an ‘A’ – then I came to my senses and snapped out of it! The fact that I received a B grade for this class is a real blessing. Why?

I managed to complete this course in record time after being terribly behind on my academic schedule. It’s no secret that I would not be in this Teaching Internship if I did not have to be. I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees a long time ago. Returning to school for this purpose was not my first choice in life. I had to! To remain provisionally certified to teach in the State of Arizona, this program was mandatory. Not to mention accelerated!

I started out with the best of intentions to be on task and complete this course with an ‘A’ grade like the others. Instead, my 73 year old mother who lives alone, and I am her only offspring, had spine surgery just as I am starting this semester. I spent the night at the hospital every night she was there. I slept in the room because heaven forbid anything happen to her and I was not there.

I thought I would do my work while there, it did not happen. Each day, I grew more frustrated at my situation but wasn’t composed enough to do any work. I could not get motivated!

Not to mention, I am teaching full-time in the classroom (four periods – two 7th and two 8th grade). I am so grateful for my friend and colleague, Jackie – who is a reading interventionist, for helping to keep me sane. She has made copies for me and reminded me of “whose on first, and what’s on second” daily. I adore her!

I am so glad I made it to the end of the course. At the end of the day. I am grateful for this B!


Author: Davina "Dee" Lyons

Davina Lyons is a Middle School English Language Arts Teacher who is passionate about teaching, and inspiring others to create the personal and financial success they desire and deserve! Her mission is to inspire others to #THRIVE! In addition to teaching Middle School, she is a Le-Vel Brand Promoter. You are invited to learn more about "The Thrive Experience" by checking out her website www.davinalyons.le-vel.com or visiting the Le-vel Facebook fanpage www.Facebook.com/levelbrands Remember to THRIVE!

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